Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan was born in 1971 at village Cheema Khudi. His father Sardar Mohinder Singh, Jugraj Singh have five sisters, creature the without help son of his parents.
Jugraj Singh was 14-15 years of age in following Indira Gandhi ordered the army assertiveness re Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984. The destruction of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib left Jugraj Singh saddened and his religious emotions came to the boiling narrowing, he granted to broil against the injustice beast carried out contiguously Sikhs in their own country and he dedicated his enthusiasm to the Sikh cause from 1984 to April 1990.
Bhai Jugraj Singh used his weapons to guard people and punish those who implicated atrocites in this area Sikh faith. At a youthful age he spent some epoch in Nabha security jail once Shaheed Bhai Manbeer Singh Chaheru and Shaheed Major Baldev Singh Ghuman. Singhs in jail would control by Jugraj Singh that he is too minor and unaccompanied son of their parents consequently he should stay at dwelling and manage to pay for care of the associates on the other hand of jumping in the Sikh brawl adjoining the establish. However, Bhai Sahib always said that he wanted to abet the Sikh panth and he did not care if that cost him his vivaciousness.
He bearing in mind in Nabha jail next narrated a incident approximately how he used his index finger below his shirt to mimic a pistol and reach a ride, as no one was stopping with suggestion to the road side to pick him going on, to flexibility a important meeting as soon as option Singhs. All the Singhs in Nabha jail were impressed by Bhai Sahibs dedication to panth.
In 1987 Jugraj Singh came in entre taking into consideration than Chief of Khalistan Liberation Force, Bhai Avtar Singh Brahma and participated in Sikh vacillate asleep his command. Jugraj Singh participated in planning and realization the assasination of butcher police commissioner Gobind Ram in Jalandhar, at Punjab Armed Police Headquarters (PAP). After this incident Punjab Police was frantically looking to eliminate Bhai Sahib.
Sikh nation is a nation of martyrs. Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa army out of Shaheeds and single-handedly those are Shaheeds whos Shaheedi is well-liked by the Guru himself. Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji never raised his weapon in the region of speaking innocent public and he never participated in looting beatific people. He fought for the nation once a certain living and he gave his vibrancy for Sikh nation and attained Shaheedi in accordance to his Guru.
Bhai Sahib was a allowable men of valor who was not by yourself loved by Sikh population but furthermore by Hindus. Many Hindu villagers left their homes to safety during militancy days but in the place where Bhai Jugraj Singh was alert, many Hindu families settled to compensation to their indigenous homes as they felt safe and newscaster in presence of Jugraj Singh who was fair and protective of every share of one men belonging to swing religions. This is an example in itself and a operate of tall atmosphere of a legitimate Sikh.
On into the future day of 8th April 1990, at village Mari Butchian oppressive Sri Hargobindpur police and be opposed to security forces surrounded the flaming were Bhai Sahib was staying for the night and the war started. On this hours of hours of day Bhai Sahib was in poor health and a trusted person went to the city to fetch some medicine for him. When Jugraj Singh started to use his AK 94 gun, he found out that the commentator of his gun was missing. At that era Bhai Sahib realized that the person who went to city for medicine was a traitor and he took out the fasten form gun and with sent the police regarding him. All five Singhs got out of the dwelling to save the innocent lives and ran into the ground of sugarcane. Three Singhs went to one side though Jugraj Singh and Bakshish Singh went the supplementary habit. During this gun scuffle Jugraj Singh got hit by a bullet in his leg and was unable to involve, so he asked Bakshish to depart him but Bakshish Singh refused to depart him alone. Bhai Bakshish Singh lifted Jugraj Singh on his shoulders and tried to make off considering reference to a tractor but tractor got stuck in the arena and they were both hit by police missiles. Jugraj Singh died in savings account to the tractor though Bakshish Singh hid at the rear some houses and kept court encounter and higher died of bullet injuries. Other three Singhs including Bhai Baljit Singh and Bhai Piara Singh were supple to recess out from the gun deed.
Almost one thousand Sikhs and Hindus surrounded the police station at Sri Hargobindpur to make a attain of sticking to of Bhai Sahibs dead body. On the hours of day of his cremation it is estimated that concerning four lakh (400,000) people were gathered to pay him the last rave review which is anew an example of itself in the Sikh records. Baba Takhur Singh of Damdami Taksal, Shaheed Major Baldev Singh Ghuman , Simranjit Singh Mann, Bibi Rajinder Kaur Bulara, Bibi Bimal Kaur Khalsa, Justice Ajit Singh Bains paid homage to the pleasing heros during the antim ardas of Bhai Sahib. On this morning the president of Sri Hargobindpurs BJP party Mr. Darshan Lal Chopra said that Jugraj Singh was their shield and protected the Hindus and today we setting alone after he is taking into consideration.
There are three idolizes that are unadulterated out for Sikh brave men. Surbir Yodha Award, Baba Banda Singh Bahadar Award and Shri Dashmesh Chakar Award. Bhai Fauja Singh Ji of Akhand Kirtan Jatha confirmed Surbir Yodha rave review upon Vaisakhi of 1978, upon 4th June 1984 Sant Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh, and General Shubeg Singh recognized Baba Banda Singh Bahadar love, upon 31st October 1984 Bhai Beant Singh Ji conventional Baba Banda Singh Bahadar huge compliment and Satwant Singh usual Surbir Yodha award. On 8th April 1990 for the first era Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji conventional Sri Dashmesh Chakar award, which is the highest award unmovable to a Sikh martyr.



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Director : Baghal Singh
Producer : Dilbag Singh & Jeevan Singh
Creative Director : Gurcharan Virk
CoProducer : Jarnail Singh
Writer : Dilbag Singh, Dheeraj Rattan & Surmeet Mavi
D.O.P. : Mohan Verma
Editor : Aarif Sheikh
Visual Promotion : Bharat Singh Rawat
Casting Director : Janjot Singh
Music Director : Charanjit Ahuja & Gurmeet Singh
Lyricist : Gurucharan Virk, Amardeep Gill, Channi Rukhala
Singers : Ranjit Bawa, Daler Mehndi, Master Saleem, Kamal Khan, Nachhatar Gill, Jaspinder Narula, Shipra Goyal
Music Label: T-Series
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Background Score : Raju Singh
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